Emerging Leaders December Coffee Morning, "Leading Strategically"

BY Derrick Moloney and Nadiyah Khalid

DCU Alumni’s Emerging Leaders Programme’s first in a series of monthly virtual Coffee Morning sessions took place on Friday, 3rd December 2021.

The theme this month was Leading Strategically and Strategic Decision Making. 

Three of DCU Alumni's current ‘Emerging Leaders’ made contributions during the 40-minute session.


Derrick Moloney

Derrick Moloney (BA Media Production Management, 2007 and MA Journalism, 2008)

Based in Singapore, Derrick Moloney (BA Media Production Management, 2007 and MA Journalism, 2008), firstly spoke about some of his own professional experience in relation to strategic decision making. He briefly discussed why strategic planning must start with the mission, vision and ultimately, “the values,” of any organisation. He also emphasised the importance of involving all staff in strategic decision-making conversations from the outset to get "buy-in" and to create a strong organisational culture.

Nadiyah Khalid

Nadiyah Khalid (BSc Marketing, Innovation and Technology, 2018)

Next, Nadiyah Khalid (BSc Marketing, Innovation and Technology, 2018) joined us from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and discussed why preparation is a key skill in leading strategically and knowing where to turn in a crisis situation. 

“When a crisis happens, it matters that are you coordinated enough to know who to talk to, who’s responsible for what, who takes charge, how long will you take to respond, what’s the methodology you’re going to use?,” Nadiyah explained.

hugh daly

Hugh Daly (BSc Multimedia, 2016 & MSc Multimedia, 2017)

Our third Emerging Leader contributor, Hugh Daly (BSc Multimedia, 2016 and MSc Multimedia, 2017) joined us from Ireland. Hugh spoke about the importance of culture and principles underpinning strategy and why the style of leadership should be about nurturing future talent and creating an environment where it is safe to fail.

Prof Anne Sinnott

DCU Deputy President, Prof Anne Sinnott

The Emerging Leaders were joined by Deputy President of DCU, Professor Anne Sinnott, who responded to the three contributors’ comments and spoke about the importance of taking risks, learning from mistakes and the idea that the strategy and the framework are solid and do not change but the plan is flexible and adaptable.

This first Coffee Morning session provided the DCU Emerging Leaders with plenty of food for thought and it has wet our appetite for the next session early in the new year.