Mechatronic Engineering Alumni revisit campus for their 20th reunion year

Mechatronic Engineering Alumni revisit campus for their 20th reunion

On Saturday 22 October, the Class of 2002 BEng Mechatronic Engineering with extended invitation to the 2002 Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications Classes reunited on the Glasnevin Campus to celebrate their 20th Alumni Reunion.

Class member and reunion event organiser Enda Leavy, worked with dedication to secure the reunion in the DCU Alumni events calendar and continuously communicated the event to fellow classmates from January 2022. 

The Alumni Office and the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, were delighted to assist the class in marking their 20th reunion year. With many graduates, travelling to celebrate and reconnect with their class, Faculty Staff and the University. Attendees shared stories of their time on campus, in particular the memories of the Henry Grattan building and the newest campus addition at the time - The Helix. On the evening, alumni who were unable to attend the event joined via zoom with support from class member and DCU academic Nigel Kent. 

DCU President Prof Dáire Keogh, Head of School DCU Electronic Engineering Dr Noel Murphy and Head of School DCU Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Prof Brian Corcoran attended the evening and extended a warm welcome to the class on their return to DCU. 

Welcoming the group, DCU President Prof Daire Keogh said:

“I am delighted that you are maintaining your connection with DCU, and that you have managed to keep in touch with each other over the past 20 years. The University has come a long way since 2002 but something that doesn’t change is the strength of friendships formed at DCU and the values learned here.”

The evening commenced with a welcome reception and buffet in the Stokes Building with performance from Breda and Mark of DCU Trad Society. The Faculty had arranged demonstrations of projects and labs for alumni to view. Attendees availed of a campus tour by DCU Student Ambassadors, a class photograph and evening celebrations in the NUBar.

The campus tour visited the Henry Grattan Building where the class revisited their seats in the CG86 lecture hall.

Alumni Reunion Class of 2002 Mechatronic Engineering

The class revisiting CG86 as part of their reunion evening. 

On the evening, Enda raised a toast to the class celebrating their 20th year back in DCU;

“Reuniting with University friends was fantastic. From diverse backgrounds, to entering University life, we each carved a unique path.

Over the last 20 years, the industries that have benefited from our education and experience at Dublin City University are equally distinct and varied.

A short, but not exclusive list includes:

Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing, Aerospace, Automation, Biopharmaceutical, Civil, Construction, Cybersecurity, Education, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Process control, Project management, People management, Robotics, Semiconductors and electronics

The most important fact is that DCU provided the common link, and our friendships endure.”  

The Alumni Office are delighted to host anniversary celebrations of your graduation, Alumni Relations Officer Mary Larkin said:

 “Reunion events like this evening, highlight reconnection with alumni and their class, many continue their DCU connection through engagement in alumni mentoring or return to campus to share their career journey.  We look forward to welcoming the class back to campus again for future events and reunion dates” 

Concluding the event, Class Reunion Organiser Enda Leavy thanked the Alumni Office Team for helping with the reunion. With special thanks to the staff from: Faculty of Engineering and Computing, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, Catering and NUbar, DCU Trad Society, DCU Student Ambassadors and President of DCU Prof Dáire Keogh.