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10% Reduced Masters Programme Fees Scheme

** If you began your Taught Masters in January 2024, you will be contacted shortly with information regarding the Masters Reduced Fee. For eligible graduates, the 10% discount will be applied to the semester 2 fee installment. Eligible students who have already paid their fees in full will receive a refund in semester 2. This date will be confirmed shortly.

DCU has extended the 10% Masters Reduced Fee scheme that is exclusive to all DCU graduates and outgoing final year students from the university for the 2024/2025 Academic year.

It applies to students commencing the first year of a full time or part time taught Masters Programme for the academic years 2024/2025.

This is an exciting opportunity for our Alumni Community. It underlines our commitment to continuous learning and our ever increasing list of benefits for graduates of DCU.

*Updated 3/5/2024.

Please note, you do not have to apply for the 10% Masters Reduced Fee. DCU will contact you in December 2024 to confirm your eligibility. Please see our detailed timeline at the bottom of this page



Summary of Reduced Fee Scheme

  • Student must be enrolled in a full taught masters programme (part time or full time).

  • Eligible students must be a DCU graduate.

  • The applicant must include/declare their previous DCU student number and relevant programme(s) when applying for their Masters through the student application portal.

  • The Discount, for now, applies in respect of the Academic years 2024/25.

  • Graduates will pay the 1st Semester fee instalment as normal.

  • The 10% discount of the total course fee in the current year will be applied in full to the 2nd Semester payment.

  • If an eligible student pays the full fees in Semester 1, a refund in line with the Masters Reduced Fee will be issued in early 2025 in line with Semester 2 registration.  If the student withdraws before the second semester or does not make the second payment, the Discount is withdrawn.

  • The Discount does not apply to repeat students.

  • The 10% reduction applies to students commencing year one of a Masters Programme in the 2024/25 academic year.

  • The 10% reduction is also applied to second year students who both commenced and completed the first year of their Masters in the 2023/24 academic year.

  • The Discount cannot be used in combination with another award, scholarship or discount [e.g. 10% Discount with another Scholarship or Discount]. DCU will automatically apply the scholarship/reduction of whatever one offers the highest reduction.


Important Information & Timeline


Frequently Asked Questions

*Students who register on a Masters Programme but exit with a lower award, e.g. Diploma, will not be eligible for the Masters reduced fee.


"A large part of the reason why I chose DCU for my masters was that the financial assistance is available to alumni, education is expensive and any assistance that can be provided to ensure the course is accessible is important"

"The Reduced Masters Fee resulted in a significant saving and that made a huge difference to me"

"It was very beneficial financially and was a significant factor in my decision to apply for the masters, especially in DCU"

"It was a weight lifted off my shoulders when making the decision on whether to continue my studies or not"

"The reduced fees benefited me hugely as it took pressure off me as a student"

"Allowed me to focus on my studies more with less pressure on part time work"