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Quality Promotion Office

The Quality Promotion Committee (QPC)

The Quality Review process at DCU is overseen by a representative, university-wide committee called the Quality Promotion Committee (QPC).

 QPC Membership

 2017 / 2018



  •  President or President’s Nominee (Chair)

Prof. Daire Keogh

 President of St. Patricks College

  • Director of Quality Promotion (Secretary)

Ms. Aisling McKenna

Director of Quality Promotion & Institutional Research

  • VPAA Representative
  • VPRI Representative
  • Student Experience

Mr. Billy Kelly
Ms. Fiona Brennan
Ms. Annabella Stover

Dean of Teaching & Learning
Research Support
Student Support & Development

  • DCUBS (Faculty of Business) –2 Reps

Dr. Siobhan McGovern (second term)

Dr. Michael Gannon

Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship Group

Marketing Group Head

  • Faculty of Engineering &Computing – 2 Reps

Prof. Nicholas Dunne

Dr. Monica Ward

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

School of Computing

  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences – 2 Reps

Dr. Emer Ni Bhradaigh

Dr. Neil O Boyle

Fiontar agus Scoil na Gaeilge

School of Communications

  • Faculty of Science & Health – 2 Reps

Dr. Brian Freeland

Dr. Niamh O'Sullivan

School of Biotechnology

School of Mathematical Sciences

  • DCU Institution of Education-2 Reps

Dr James O'Higgins Norman

Dr. Catherine Maunsell

School of Human Development

School of Human Development

  • National Institute for Digital Learning - 1 Rep

Dr. Eamonn Costello

National Institute for Digital Learning

  • Faculty Administration Peer Group – 1 Rep

Ms. Goretti Daughton

Faculty Manager of Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Support / Service Office Representatives - 4 Reps


Ms. Gillian Barry
Ms. Emer McMahon
Mr. Paul Smith

Human Resources
External Affairs
Academic Affairs

  • Institutional Research & Analysis Officer

Ms. Karen Johnston

Quality Promotion Office

  • Quality Promotion Officer

Ms. Celine Heffernan

Quality Promotion Office

  • Students’ Union Nominee– 2 Rep


Ms. Siobhán Nic Thaidhg

Mr. Podge Henry

Vice President for Engagement & Development

Vice-President (Welfare)

Recording Secretary (in attendance)

Ms. Fiona Dwyer

Quality Promotion Office

Schedule of Meeting Dates

The QPC meets six times per year, normally on the third Wednesday of September, November, January, March and May and the last Wednesday in June from 11am – 12.00pm.

The following dates are for 2017-2018 QPC Meetings:

    •   20th September 2017
    •   15th November 2017
    •   17th January 2018
    •   14th March 2018
    •   16th May 2018
    •    27th June 2018
    •   19th September 2018
 Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference were agreed and approved at the Quality Promotion Committee of 7th January 2009. They were subsequently revised and approved by QPC on: 16 May 2012 and 28th May, 2017.

1. The Quality Promotion Committee is a subcommittee of the DCU Executive Committee (Executive).

2. Membership of the Quality Promotion Committee shall be drawn from all parts of the University and shall represent all Academic Areas in the University. (A detailed overview of the membership of the QPC is contained in Appendix 1).

3. The University President or his/her designee shall be the Chair of the Quality Promotion Committee.

4. Members of the Governing Authority shall have the right of attendance at meetings of the Quality Promotion Committee as observers and without a vote. 

5. Six meetings of the Quality Promotion Committee shall take place every academic year.

6. The term of office of representative membership on the Quality Promotion Committee shall be three years for academic members, and two years for rotating professional support areas; a maximum of two terms per person shall normally apply.

7. Academic representation on the Quality Promotion Committee shall include all Faculties and the DCU Open Education unit. Representation from Support / Service units shall follow a defined rolling cycle of membership (Appendix 2). Units can decline membership in the Quality Promotion Committee for one term. Constituencies should mandate their representative or representatives.

8. A quorum of one half of the membership of the Quality Promotion Committee shall apply.

9. A review of the Quality Promotion Committee membership shall be conducted in the spring of every year; change-over of Quality Promotion Committee members, if applicable, shall take place at the start of the academic year.

10. The Quality Promotion Committee shall:

o promote an ethos of self-evaluation and continuous quality improvement within the university, and seek thereby to enhance the student and staff experience 

o advise and make recommendations to DCU Senior Management, Executive and Academic Council on policies for quality assurance and improvement, arising from the University's responsibilities under the Universities Act (1997) and the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012; from the activities of the Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and from the requirements of other national agencies such as the Higher Education Authority, that have a remit for quality in higher education.

o advise Senior Management, Executive and Academic Council on the establishment of a framework of principles, policies, priorities, procedures and good practice for the promotion of outstanding quality in teaching, research and administration across the University 

o disseminate information throughout the University on best national and international practice on quality related issues

o administer funding from the Quality Improvement Fund and advise Executive and Academic Council on funding needs arising from quality assurance mechanisms

o review the range of quality assurance mechanisms used both at institutional level and by Schools and Units, to provide advice as appropriate and to ensure the cross-fertilisation of experience with procedures throughout the University 

o review, and where necessary, propose revisions of these terms of reference from time to time

11. Minutes of the Quality Promotion Committee shall be circulated to all members of the Executive and published on the Quality Promotion Office website.