Academic Integrity - 2021 Student and Staff Declarations

These are selected declarations made by students and staff during Promoting Academic Integrity Week in support of academic integrity.

During Promoting Academic Integrity Week 2021, the Teaching Enhancement Unit invited students and staff to make a declaration on the virtual learning environment, Loop, by adding an entry to a collaborative 'declaration bank'.

They declared their support for academic integrity, made pledges to uphold academic integrity in their studies or teaching, or expressed what academic integrity meant to them.

A sample of the declarations are presented on this page. They highlight how much value students and staff place on academic integrity Far too often, institutions automatically assume that students cheat and the response that we have received in particular from students to this initiative highlight that starting from a position of trust and viewing students as partners when it comes to academic integrity is the right approach.

(Note: Only a selection of submissions by those who ticked the permission box in the declaration bank are shared here.)

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2nd Year PME student

Academic integrity is about being honest and not taking shortcuts.

1st Year BPDT student

The most important way of showing commitment to academic integrity is by respecting and crediting the individual work of others, working in the most ethical practices ourselves, and be fair and acknowledge all contributions when working together.

2nd Year BEd student

Academic Integrity is important is ensuring that every student's work is fairly assessed.

3rd Year BAJH student

I don't cheat because I simply do not see the point. Nothing is gained from cheating and it is in no way beneficial for my future to cheat.

1st Year Psychology student

It is pointless to cheat as the information may be something you need to know further down the line of your studies, or career. It will make it hard to build your knowledge if there are key pieces missing from the foundation.

3rd Year PhD student

We must strive for academic integrity so that science can move forward fairly and efficiently

2nd Year CE student

Academic Integrity is a key to building a successful future career and giving others the opportunity to do so too.

2nd Year Business Studies student

Academic Integrity means acting ethically with the value of honesty, trust, fairness and respect.

1st Year MSSM student

Academic Integrity is essential in a professional environment to ensure the right person is given the credit due to them. It also means that we are being ethical in terms our work.

1st Year Business Studies student

Academic integrity reflects your personal integrity and morals of life. If you choose to cheat others, then you choose to fail yourself instead of honestly paving your own success.

1st Year Business for Computing student

Integrity for me is being honest in whatever you're doing be it assignment, how you behave or act.

2nd Year BEd student

Academic integrity is a good indicator of a person's morality and character.

1st Year Global Business student

Academic integrity is crucial because cheating is a short term solution for a problem which will resurface in the labor world

2nd Year BEd student

Academic Integrity involves doing the right thing even when the wrong thing seems more convenient.

MSc Computing student

Academic Integrity builds self-confidence which in turn makes one successful in their life by staying honest.

1st Year BT student

Cheating robs you of feeling proud of yourself for doing well as it wasn't your own work that got you there.

1st Year Biotechnology student

Academic integrity is very important in making sure that our works are of high standard and quality as well as free from plagiarism.

1st Year BEd student

The only person you're fooling is yourself by not accrediting somebody else's hard work.

1st Year ME student

I don't agree with the idea of cheating as it is no alternative for hard work. Cheating is a temporary solution and will almost certainly fail as a strategy on the long term when you need to apply the skills you would have need to have learned.

BMED student

Academic integrity is a vital part of not only students in college but everyone. It builds character and allows a person to progress, and be honest down the line in whatever career they choose to follow.