Accessibility Awareness Week 2021

17-21 May 2021


Co-hosted by the Teaching Enhancement Unit and DCUSU, the inaugural DCU Accessibility Awareness Week is scheduled for May 17th - 21st. The aim of this week is get the DCU community talking, thinking and learning about accessibility and inclusive education. Our approach to accessibility is grounded in the principles of Universal Design for Learning, a framework developed to guide curriculum design to give all students equal opportunities to learn.

How can Accessibility Awareness Week help me?

We have several opportunities for you to talk, think and learn about accessibility and Universal Design for learning. We aim to give participants both food for thought and practical advice on accessibility and inclusive education through these events. 

Why Universal Design for Learning? 

Drawing on Universal Design for Learning principles for teaching and learning design improves the learning experience for ALL students. 

Which options are right for me?  

We have designed the week to offer you choice in terms of time commitment and schedule.  All of our live events will be recorded and available after the event on our dedicated event Loop page. Some suggestions below based on your available time to engage.

Check out our introductory resources on the Loop event page.

Under 30 minutes time commitment:

Our daily ‘small changes’ live workshops at 11am, offer you a chance to gain technical skills to support you towards accessibility and inclusion in approximately 30 minutes.

60 minutes time commitment:

Daily live panel discussions at 1pm. These sessions draw on expertise in this area from across the University, the Irish education sector and international experts in the field. If you can’t make our live events, we will also provide a range of online resources that you can engage with in your own time on our dedicated Loop page.

Check out the full programme