Demonstration of audio description for accessibility

The audio only of the video clips below are used by Lucia and Gloria to illustrate the concept of audio description in their classrooms.  First have a listen to clip number 1 below (without audio description). 


Have a listen to this trailer without audio description. Listen only! Don't look at the visuals. 


How did you feel after listening to this audio? Did you understand anything from it? Well, it is most likely that you understood very little. That’s because, as someone said, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and in our example there are no pictures at all. Listening to a video clip without audio description is exactly how blind and visually impaired people experience visuals each time they go to the cinema, to the theatre or to a museum where an audio description service is not provided.

Now listen to this clip with audio description. You’ll probably have a totally different experience!