Dublin City University Learning Innovation Unit: Teachng Enhancement Cycle

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Teaching Enhancement Cycle

Tools for gathering feedback from students

The following student evaluation tools are approaches to getting mid-semester feedback from students to gauge their opinion on the topic or topics of your inquiry.

Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)

This is a feedback technique that involves handing over the end of a lecture to a colleague or peer to get feedback from students and collective suggestions for improvement.

  • [Link to TAP Guidelines]
  • [Link to TAP Form]

Student focus groups

Student focus groups allow for structured discussion around courses, teaching or specific topics of teaching or learning. They allow a greater explanation of topics that may have come up in your reflections or through formal student questionnaires. Use the following guidelines to help you get the most from your focus group.
  • [Student focus group guidelines] (guidelines to be devised from (Huntley-Moore and Panter (2006 p29) or alternative.

The minute paper

This is a quick and easy end of lecture eercise that asks students to write down: a) the three most important things they learned in the lecture;  and b) any area that needs clarification.
  • Use the [Minute Paper Template] as a handout.

The muddiest point

This is a similar quick and easy end of lecture or mid-lecture evaluation to gauge students feedback on any topic. Use the [Muddies Point Template] as a handout.

Class quiz

A class quiz can also be used to gauge students understand of a particular element of learning. [Use the Class Quiz Template] to devise a set of questions to hand out at the beginning of the class.