Dublin City University Learning Innovation Unit: Teachng Enhancement Cycle

Learning Innovation Unit

Teaching Enhancement Cycle

The TEC Model

STEP 1: Decide on the purpose of your evaluation

To begin you will need to decide on an area or areas of your teaching practice you would like to either develop or to investigate.

STEP 2: Choose your feedback gathering tools

Having established a purpose for your evaluation you then decide which tools will best help you gather evidence of your teaching practice.

STEP 3: Create your action plan

Create a plan for gathering and analysing your data.

STEP 4: Implement the plan

Use your Action Plan and the evaluation tools you have chosen to gather evidence of your teaching practice. If you are going into a second or subsequent cycle, your Action Plan will include gathering feedback on the implementation of changes in practice implemented on the basis of your findings from the previous cycle.

Teaching Enhancment cycle diagram showing the  2 steps in the TEC model