Dublin City University Learning Innovation Unit: Teachng Enhancement Cycle

Learning Innovation Unit

Teaching Enhancement Cycle

STEP 4:  Implement the plan

TEC diagram with step 4 highlighted

Following your Action Plan, use the evaluation tools you have chosen to gather evidence of your teaching practice.

At this point you may wish to contact the Learning Innovation Unit who can help you in gathering or evaluating your feedback and/or deciding on any alternative approaches and methodologies of teaching and learning you may wish to employ as a result of your findings.

This will bring you into the start of a new TEC cycle (Step 1) where the focus of your evaluation may be to test out any new approaches to your teaching arising from your previous findings.

Using your Findings

You may wish to share your findings with students, to use them as evidence in Teaching Portfolios, or as evidence of teaching quality improvement. The LIU will be evaluating the TEC process and any feedback on your outcomes and the process is welcomed.

Full TEC diagram including outputs to portfolios, student feedback and quality review

Opportunities for funding to support self- and teaching development activities may be available  in some cases: please contact the Learning Innovation Unit for further information.