Challenge Statements - DCU Assessment Hackathon 2022

There was an excellent range of exciting and creative hackathon pitches submitted which will help shape the day nicely. Having reviewed all the submissions there are now ten challenge statements relating to the big idea. These will be further refined on the day within groups but should provide a useful starting point. On the morning of the hackathon we will use these challenge statements to form groups.

10 Challenge Statements
  1. Self and Peer Assessment 
  2. Fair and Equitable Group Work 
  3. Individualising Coding/Data Assignments 
  4. Designing and Grading Real-world Authentic Assessment 
  5. Assessing Students' Complex Decision Making Skills  
  6. Interesting Assessment for Analytics
  7. Fair Assessment for Weak Students 
  8. Linking Multiple Modules into a Single Assessment
  9. Assessing Complex Global Problems on a Personal or Local Level
  10. Striking the Balance between Technical Depth and Broad Scope in CBL