Schedule - DCU Assessment Hackathon 2022

Registration is now closed and 50 hackers are confirmed as participants in this Hackathon

Date: Tuesday 24th May 2022 09:30-17:00 (Check-in and Healthy Start at 9:00)

Venue: The Helix - Foyer, Gallery and Blue Room (2nd Floor)

Hackathon Big Idea
How can we design an authentic and sustainable assessment experience for all?
Hackathon Objectives 
  • Provide a first-hand experience of a hackathon for academic staff to support them in implementing a similar approach;
  • Experience the potential value and application of hackathons as an innovative and engaging learning experience;
  • Facilitate an opportunity to learn about designing authentic and sustainable assessments.
Hackathon Ninja
Frank van der Berg, Twente University
Hackathon Leads
Clare Gormley and Fiona O'Riordan, Teaching Enhancement Unit
Hackathon Challenge Statements
To be agreed - registered hackers submit your pitch using this form


Suggested Activity



Check-in and Healthy Start

Helix 2nd Floor Foyer


Hackathon Welcome

Blue Room
(Helix 2nd Floor)

ENGAGE PHASE: During the Engage phase, the team explore the ‘big idea’ and develop potential essential questions to be investigated.

Time Suggested Activity Venue
9:50 Team formation
(Blue Teams 1 - 5; Green Team 6 - 10)
Blue Room (Helix 2nd Floor)
10:00 Icebreaker activity Blue Room (Helix 2nd Floor)
10:10 Develop and agree on essential questions. Some prompt questions to guide this phase include:
  • What are the kind of questions the team would like to explore to help solve the challenge? 
  • Are these questions specific enough, and realistic in the time allocated i.e. one day?
Blue Room (Helix 2nd Floor)
11:00 Grab and go coffee and pastry  Helix 2nd Floor Foyer
11:10 Each team share essential questions on Jamboard Blue Room (Helix 2nd Floor)

INVESTIGATE PHASE: The essential questions should be driving what each team is investigating. At the beginning of this Investigate phase discuss how these questions will be answered. 

Time Suggested Activity Venue
11:30 Investigate Phase introduced Blue Room (Helix 2nd Floor)
11:35 Some prompt question to guide your investigation include:
  • What do you know within your team (incl. mentor)? 
  • Who do you need to reach out to in order to learn more
    (e.g. Twitter, other colleagues at this hackathon, external colleagues, students, other resources and papers)
    Don’t forget the DCU resource team!
  • Have you considered your students? 
  • Where can you get quick feedback on your idea?
Blue Room (Helix 2nd Floor)
13:00 Take-away Lunch Box Helix 2nd Floor Foyer
13:30 Each team share findings from the investigate phase by completing slide allocated in slide deck. Blue Room (Helix 2nd Floor)

ACT PHASE: During the Act phase the teams will use findings from the investigate phase to design and present suggested solution(s). Solution needs to justify how it is an authentic and sustainable assessment experience for all.

Time Suggested Activity Venue
13:45 Act Phase introduced Blue Room (Helix 2nd Floor)
13:50 Some prompt questions to guide the act phase include:
  • What is the solution(s)? 
  • How is it addressing the big idea (authentic, sustainable and inclusive for all)?
  • Is the assessment solution innovative?
  • How are you going to present your solution to the judging panel?
Blue Room (Helix 2nd Floor)
15:00 Push for Pizza & Move to Presentation Areas

Blue Room for Blue Teams 1 - 5
Gallery for Green Teams 6 - 10

15:15 Presentations (in parallel) to Judging Panel

Blue Room for Blue Teams 1 - 5
Gallery for Green Teams 6 - 10

16:30 Spot Prize Winners Announced  Gallery (Helix 2nd Floor)
16:40 Winning Teams x 2 Prize Giving Gallery (Helix 2nd Floor)
16:55 Hackathon Close Gallery (Helix 2nd Floor)

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