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Learning Innovation Unit

Service Learning/Civic Engagement


DCU/NUIM/DIT are involved in a HEA funded project, led by NUI Galway, to establish a Service Learning Academy in Ireland. In March 2006, a successful 2 day conference brought together interested parties from a variety of Higher Education institutions to discuss how to advance the area in Irish HE.  

A successful application to the HEA Strategic Initiatives Funding Scheme provided continued funding for another year.

The Steering Group for the Academy has decided that the focus for this year should be the embedding of Civic Engagement and Service Learning initiatives at curriculum/module level. To this end it has been decided to offer funding for initiatives to achieve this goal.

Funding Scheme

Applications for modest funding to support initiatives which will introduce and/or embed service learning/civic engagement elements into modules are invited. Preferably led by a participant at the Service Learning Academy conference, initiatives should clearly aim to advance the academy through integration of relevant concepts and applications into student learning.

Applications should meet the following criteria:

  • Be collaborative (inter- or intra-institutional)
  • Preferably be led by a participant at the Service Learning Academy Conference
  • Bring the Open Space Technology Report from the conference forward, by realising the themes identified:
    • Benefits for the community, students academics and/or institution
    • Benefits to particular discipline areas
    • Reflection
    • Assessment
    • Institutionalisation of Service Learning
    • Development of Partnerships
    • Exploring Strategies
  • The proposed initiative must move forward>  service/community based learning> 
  • Must have a practical dimension
  • May be research and teaching focussed



Proposals should have a 12-18 month time frame. There will be a requirement to produce a short (possibly verbal) interim report and a final report on completion of the initiative.

Participants will be afforded an opportunity to showcase the initiative through conference papers or poster presentations.