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Feeling swamped? Getting Organised

Staying motivated and reaching your goals

With so much on your plate, keeping yourself going can be a struggle. All students find this at some point so do not worry.

Remember that:
Working through the year can become boring because you are not seeing instant results. Remember the excitement of getting a good mark in your exams when you are feeling tired or bored. Workinng constantly will greatly improve your chances of achieving this.
If your work load is becoming too difficult, then re-work your planner. Do less in each study period. That way you will learn more and feel more motivated to work more often rather in in large chunks.
Losing interest is normal! Yes, reading, doing maths, etc is boring at times. Some parts of learning are slower than others, make sure during study to change subjects regularly. You will be more productive.
You are not competing with any other students. Only yourself. If your classmates are discussing what they have or haven’t learnt, don’t even bother listening! Everyone works at different paces and in different ways. So if your classmates are miles ahead or behind you, don’t even think twice about it, Concentrate on yourself, then you will achieve your goals!
For more information on stayng motivated, visit, http://www.dcu.ie/ExL/time/unit3/motivate3.shtm