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Learning Innovation Unit DCU Teaching & Learning Fund (TLF): 2007/2008

President's Teaching & Learning Awards

Call for nominations

Issued: 26th February 2008 Closing: 31st March 2008

Reference: tlf/2007-2008/PresAwards


A specific allocation is made from the Teaching and Learning Fund each year to support the President's Award For Excellence In Teaching And Learning. This award recognises outstanding contributions to DCU's Teaching and Learning mission on the part of members of staff.

The process of nomination and selection of award recipients is as follows:


  • Nominations may be made for two separate categories of staff – Teaching and Non-Teaching, the latter to recognise the contributions made to teaching by staff who support, rather than directly deliver, teaching activities.
  • Nominations must be made using the appropriate form, either the academic staff application form or the teaching support staff application form
  • Nominations may be from students, colleagues or by oneself


  • In order to progress nominations for teaching staff, nominees will be asked to support their nomination by a short (1 page) supporting portfolio using a template which will be supplied by the LIU.
  • Evaluation of nominations for academic staff will be made on the basis of the nominations and the supporting portfolio.
  • Evaluation of nominations for non-teaching staff will be made on the basis of nominations received only.
  • Evaluations will be conducted by a subgroup of the LIAP and an external evaluator.


It is intended that one award from each category will be made. Each award will consist of a formal citation, together with a prize of €10,000 for the Teaching Award and €2,500 for the award to non-teaching staff. The awards will be presented by the President at the annual Teaching and Learning Day on May 12th 2008. Candidates for the awards should be members of DCU staff who have made an outstanding contribution to DCU teaching and learning activities. The awards are open to academic and support staff, including Library, Registry, Computer Services, Education Services etc. An award may be made to a single member of staff, or to a group of staff who have been jointly involved in the particular activities being recognised.

Application forms

There are separate application forms for academic and teaching support staff: