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DCU Learning Innovation Fund (LIF) 2005/2006
President's Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Award Winners

Anna Weiss, Salis

On behalf of German Drama, I would like to personally applaud Anna Weiss for the mountainous effort she has put in to this years dramatic production of "Ein besserer Herr", staged 1st March 2006 in the Venue. The ensemble comprised more than twenty students of all levels of German. Anna provided the opportunity for students, studying a wide range of degree courses (AL, LIC, IBL, EB, BS) to meet on a regular basis. As its director, she was a beacon of light, guiding other actors and myself in creating a hilarious and highly enjoyable play both for the audience and us, the students. At times, the going got very tough, but Anna kept the whole production running smoothly.

Anna Weiss is an excellent teacher and colleague, who has a holistic approach to the teaching of German as a foreign language. She engages the students through a combination of language teaching and cultural studies. She takes her extra curricular activities to the classroom, fostering an interest of German and German culture in the students.

Her extra curricular activities show considerable organisational talent and skills. These include, • Being an advisor to the German Society • Showing recent German films • ‘Fußball im Mai’ (intervarsity soccer for students of German from most Irish Universities) . • Study trip to Freiberg. • The German drama group where she directs plays annually

Anna Weiss has been one of the most inspiring lecturers I have encountered during my time at DCU. She brings German beyond the classroom and makes us see that it is not just about grammar and homework exercises. German ceases to be a mere subject studied at university, and becomes a tool of interaction with new people and the key to learning about other cultures. Anna has always been extremely generous with her time. Teaching is not just her job, it is her passion.

One of the most important elements of Anna’s class is feedback. She provides feedback on every assignment we submit and likewise, asks for feedback from us regarding class content, topics we will cover, etc.