Learning Innovation Unit, Dublin City University

 Writing Module Learning Outcomes

The Psychomotor Domain

If a learning outcome requires students to physically demonstrate skills such as to conduct laboratory experiments, music pieces, physical education techniques or microteaching skills. Writing learning outcomes in this domain is simpler as it is easy to decide on an action verb for physical activities.

The list of action verbs below might help when deciding on a relevant or alternative action verb in this domain.

Adapt  Choreograph  Dismantle  Handle  Organise
Adjust  Combine Display  Heat  Perform
Administer  Construct  Dissect  Manipulate  Present record
Alter  Copy  Drive Identify  Refine
Arrange Design  Estimate Measure  Shorten
Assemble  Deliver Examine  Execute  Sketch
Balance  Detect  Execute Mime  Stretch
Bend  Demonstrate Fix  Mimic  React
Build Differentiate
(by touch) 
Grasp  Mix  Test
Calibrate Deconstruct  Grind  Operate  Use