Teaching Enhancement Unit

Strategic objectives and priority plan

The 2019-2020 Priority Initiatives Plan has been developed to identify the major priority work streams for the Teaching Enhancement Unit based on the vision, mission, principles and strategic objectives described in the Strategic Plan. Importantly these initiatives are also aligned with DCU’s overarching Strategic Plan (2017 -2022) and constituent strategies, as indicated by the column that cross references activities to major objectives.

There are six strategic objectives for the TEU listed below. These objectives are a subset of the objectives of our parent unit - the National Institute for Digital Learning. 

  1. To provide core teaching enhancement services that support academic excellence

  2. To provide strategically targeted teaching enhancement services that support academic excellence in the design and effective use of learning in multiple delivery modes

  3. To champion, research and share academic excellence in teaching, learning and assessment practices.

  4. To support academic and operational excellence in planning and implementing a sustainable 21st Century Digital Campus

  5. To foster a network of leaders and strong communities of practice who contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning

  6. To support and develop strategic partnerships that enhance access to high quality university-level education both nationally and internationally.

 The priorities for the unit, outlining specific projects underneath each of the aforementioned objectives, with their key milestones and deliverables is available as part of the NIDL priority plan document