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DCU Graduate to Student Mentorship Programme


The DCU Graduate to Student Mentorship Programme, formerly known as the DCU Structured Mentorship Programme, won the prestigious IITD National Training Award for Excellence in Coaching and Mentoring for 2018 and was shortlisted as a finalist in 2020 and 2021. It is a joint initiative, co-organised by the Alumni Office and the Careers Service. The programme runs for six-months between November and April and pairs second-year students with alumni mentors for the purpose of career and personal development. Alumni and students are matched based on their areas of professional expertise, DCU course and areas of interest. Alumni mentors are asked, if possible, to provide their student mentee with a work-shadowing day as part of the programme. We appreciate that this may not be possible for everyone. 

Mentor and Mentee of the Year Awardees

The role of the mentor is to contribute to the transformative student experience at DCU by assisting the development of a second year student. Through the Graduate to Student Mentorship Programme our graduates give back to Dublin City University through time, experience and expertise. In return, the programme provides a range of benefits that can be captured on the Mentor’s CV. 

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  • Increase your confidence and motivation  
  • Develop leadership and management qualities
  • Engage in a volunteering opportunity, valued by employers
  • Benefit from a sense of fulfilment and personal growth
  • Reverse mentoring from student
  • Enhance your CV

Students and mentors make contact based on their own schedules and timetables. Time commitments for the programme are very flexible. As a general rule, we would ask graduates to make contact with their mentee twice a month for the duration of the programme (November to April).


The programme involves five main events / activities. Mentors are not required to attend all events, but we would ask both mentors and mentees to attend the virtual opening ceremony/training session and the closing ceremony.

We are aware that it is not always possible for alumni to provide a work-shadowing day. In this circumstance, we would ask graduates to organise an extended session with their student mentee to focus on career progression, interview or CV skills, presentation skills or similar.

The Mentor application process closed at midnight 2nd October 2022. 

To receive further mentorship updates from the Alumni Office or to share a query, update your details on the DCU Keep in Touch campaign or email alumni@dcu.ie 

2022/2023 Structured Mentorship Programme Schedule


Recruitment: Applications open for Mentors, opening date 16th September and closing date 2nd October.

Welcome: Email to Mentors from the Alumni Office. 

Mentee Careers Service Information Sessions


6th Oct - 16th Oct: Matching Process: Mentor/ Mentee matching selection via the portal

17th Oct: Email from the Alumni Office to unmatched Mentors

17th - 19th Oct: Mentor/ Mentee Introductory Email: Introductory email sent by the Alumni Office.

19th Oct - 2nd Nov: Initial Mentor/ Mentee Introductory Meeting


03 Nov - Opening Ceremony: 2022/23 Opening Ceremony


December/ January/ February

Career Skills Session for Mentees

Progress and work shadow survey

Jan/ Feb Work Shadowing


Mentor/ Mentee of the Year Nominations

Dates to be announced:  Nominations Open for Mentor and Mentee of the Year Awards

Dates to be announced: Nominations Close for Mentor and Mentee of the Year Awards


Closing Ceremony 

Mentor and Mentee of the Year Presentations