DCU Library Book Swap February 2023

This February 2023 we have launched DCU Library Book Swap carousels in all three of our libraries, helping you to read sustainably with our ‘take a book, leave a book’ initiative.
Shows staff member standing beside a carousel filled with books with DCU Library Book Swap written on the stand

DCU Library's Grace O'Connor stands beside Cregan Library's Book Swap carousel. Pic: DCU Library

Share your unwanted books and discover new titles with our DCU Library Book Swap carousels.


You’ll find the stands just outside the entry gates into O’Reilly Library, Cregan Library and Woodlock Hall Library. You don't need a library card to access the stands, which means that they're available to our staff, students and to our local community. 


You're welcome to take a book even if you don't have a book to swap. If you do have books you no longer need this is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your collection. We’re looking for books that are:


  • in good condition
  • fiction or non-fiction books with broad appeal 
  • small paperbacks (less than 21 cm high)


If you have a lot of books you'd like to donate at once please get in touch with eilis.oneill@dcu.ie


When paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills, it’s more important than ever to practise sustainability by ensuring that as many people as possible get to enjoy your books. Make your reading habit more environmentally friendly today, with our help.


So get green with our new book swap scheme - discover your next great read (for free!) and share your books with our staff, students and local community.