Digital Humanities - Workshops

We offer hands-on training in practical skills and tools as well as consultation for your digital research or teaching projects. 

Liam, our Digital Humanities Librarian, is a certified Carpentries Instructor with an M.A. in Digital Humanities. 


Data cleaning is a common preparatory step in working with data, where researchers dealing with messy or incomplete datasets aim to give it more uniformity and structure. Messy data includes issues such as duplicate records, empty values and inconsistent spelling or formatting. If left unaddressed these can lead to problems in subsequent data analysis, visualisation or any research output. 

OpenRefine helps you quickly diagnose the quality of your data and take iterative steps to ensure it is clean and well structured

Data mapping has potential for application far beyond study of Geography. This workshop is aimed at humanities researchers interested in spatial data and using maps to tell stories. With ArcGIS we will show how to create a map from raw data and how to build contextual narrative around your map using the Storymaps feature. 

This hands-on workshop provides a low-barrier introduction to Github and Git to help you understand their potential value for digital research projects. Git is version control software for tracking project files, backing up data, and collaborating with others. We also looks at Github Pages, a home for your research project website or blog.

This workshop will guide attendees through the process of creating a digital exhibition or scholarly project in Omeka. It will also introduce aspects of digital storytelling, content management and webhosting. 

We provide training and advice on metadata standards for DH projects. Our workshop introduces key concepts and considerations and includes exercises managing digital content in the Omeka platform using Dublin Core.


During Covid we run all our workshops remotely via Zoom

They are typically framed at introductory level and as group sessions but if you have other requirements we are happy to discuss.

Currently scheduled sessions are noted in the descriptions above. Where possible we also provide these in response to demand so if one you would like to attend is without a current scheduled date please let us know (liam.odwyer[at]

We would love to hear about any current activities or interests you or your School have relating to Digital Humanities.

Contact Liam at liam.odwyer[at]