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Books and E-books

DCU Library print book are located throughout the libraries and are divided into several collections (see below).

The Library also provides access to over 8,000 e-books. All books and e-books are listed on the Library's Catalogue. 


O'Reilly Library  -  Books


Main Collection

Books in Main Collection can be borrowed for 1 week or 3 weeks; 1-week books will have a white tape on the spine.  

This collection is divided between the 1st and 2nd floors:

  •  First floor - Business, Education and Humanities
     Shelf mark numbers - 000-002; 007-090; 100-400; 640-650; 700-900 
  •  Second Floor - Engineering and Science 
     Shelf mark numbers - 003-006; 500-630; 660-690 

The library's books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal System and given shelfmark numbers by subject. Example - Engineering books, will be in the 600 section, Sociology books will be in the 300 section.

When searching the library catalogue for a title you will be shown what collection the book is in and the Shelfmark number shows which floor it is on, example. 


Short Loan collection

Books in the Short Loan Collection are for essential reading and are usually on your reading list.

You can borrow 2 books from this collection and can be borrowed for 48 hours. These books have a red tape on the spine.

This collection is located on the 1st and 2nd floors and shelved by their shelfmark number with the Main Collection. 


Cregan Library  -  Books


Main Collection

Books in the main collection are divided between 2nd and 3rd floors, shelf mark numbers 000-399 is on 2nd floor and 400-999 are located on the 3rd floor. Most books can be borrowed for 3 weeks but some books (in high demand) can be borrowed for 48 hours (marked with red tape).

Reserve Collection

Books in this collection are copies of frequently borrowed books which can be borrowed for 3 hours. Books are marked with blue tape and are found in a glassed area behind the 1st floor library desk.

Junior Collection

The Junior Collection spans pre-school age to adult books and is relevant to the primary curriculum. It includes Irish interest and Irish language titles and picture books. This collection is located on the 1st floor with shelf-mark label on the spine of the book contains the prefix ‘J.’ 

Teaching Collection

The Teaching Collection comprises current textbooks, class readers, how-to-teach books and non-book resources. Its primary aim is to support students as they undertake School Placement. This collection is located on the 1st floor with shelf-mark label on the spine of the book contains the prefix ‘TC.’

Live Wise Collection

This collection aims to enhance and promote well-being and resilience and supports individuals in finding new approaches to life's challenges. It stands alone as a unique collection on the 2nd floor. See a full list of the books included in the collection here




The library currently provides access to thousands of  e-books. When you search the library catalogue you can refine your search by choosing "E-Books" on the left hand side of the screen. When you click on the link to view the book you may be asked to verify yourself as a registered DCU student by logging in with your DCU username and password.

When you search the DCU Library catalogue, you will sometimes find e-books in your search results: 

This means that the complete book is available to read online via your web browser. You can read them from any computer on or off-campus (but not via e-readers like Kindles).


 Frequently asked questions

How can I access e-books from the catalogue?

a. Click on the book’s title from the search results page.

b. Then click on Access this title online here.

c. Then enter your DCU login details when prompted. This is your network username / password for accessing Moodle, logging on to DCU PCs etc., NOT your library login/PIN used to check book loans etc.


Can I print or download e-books?

You usually can not print or download an entire book. Permissions are controlled by publishers or the third-parties who host e-books and each have their own restrictions. For example. 

  • with this book, you are allowed to to print or download a maximum of 10 pages each time.
  • with this book, you can only print a page at a time and you can download the entire book for up to two days at a time (after this the downloaded PDF expires).

Printing from Dawsonera e-books: click into any page of the e-book and the print icon is on the top right. Mouse over the green box next to the print icon and the number of pages you are allowed to print will appear.


Printing from MyiLibrary e-books: the print icon is on the strip over the book on the right hand side I can get the arrow to go there.   


The download option will not work!

Sometimes nothing happens when you click on the Download button. Follow the steps below to solve the problem. These instructions are based on the Chrome browser and will be slightly different for Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.:

a. Click on the Customise and Control button in the top-right of the screen:

b. Click on History > Clear Browsing Data

c. Select Cached images and files only and click on Clear Browsing Data. You should now be able to download the book.


I have been asked for a username and password but I am on campus. Is this normal ?  

Yes, you need to provide your DCU username and password to access most e-books, even when you are on campus.


Can I use my Library PIN to access an ebook ?

No, you can only use your DCU network username and password - this is the password you use to access Moodle, log on to DCU PCs etc.