SensusAccess is an automated document conversion tool that allows you to convert your readings into formats that are easier to work with if you are having difficulties with printed text, if you want to experiment with different learning styles (e.g. audio), or if you need assistance when reading text in a foreign language.


SensusAccess can convert your documents and readings into different formats that are more useful for you. These formats can include MP3 files, E-books, Word files and Digital Braille books.

You can use SensusAccess to convert your

  • Slides & lecture notes
  • Scanned PDF documents
  • Pictures of text captured with your smartphone
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Journal articles

SensusAccess is easy to use so why not try it out and access it today, via the following WEBFORM 

For more detailed instructions and more in formation on how to get the most from SenusAccess, explore the tabs below.