Case Studies in teaching

The following case studies demonstrate inspiring teaching practices and projects taking place throughout DCU.

Working Group

Process Monitoring Group Work Assessments

In this case study Michael Farrell shows how he reduced the risk of student plagiarism by controlling his assessment by affecting students’ rationalisation processes, taking from the principles of business fraud. 

Art Journals

Using Art Journals as part of the Learning Process

This case study written by Andrea Cleary & Dr. Máire Ní Bhroin, shows how they used art journals to encourage students to record their individual learning pathways.  This approach also motivated and challenged students in an authentic way.






Students studying

The Assessment See-Saw: Balancing Academic Integrity with Meaningful Learning

This study, developed by AnnMarie Farrell, shows how an assessment designed with multiple tasks and scaffolded learning opportunities, combined with clear direction on how to complete the assessment tasks encouraged and supported students to develop their own work.



Student Peer Review

Implementing Peer Review for Undergraduate Assessment

This case study demonstrates how Dr Monica Ward used presentations as a form of ensuring students integrity.  These presentations also facilitated Monica providing timely feedback to students.



Students working

Overcoming Plagiarism using Written Simulations for Assessment

Using written simulations demonstrates how Professor Iain McMenamin designed authentic and current assessment (principle 6) that challenged and motivated students (principle 5).







Student Nurses - Clinical Skills

Innovative Approaches to Assessing Clinical Skills of Large Groups using Video

This case presents how Evelyn Kelleher assesses large cohorts of students by replacing paper-based face-to-face practical exams with online video submissions.




ABC Workshop

Using ABC to Design an Online Teaching Course for Open Online Educators

This course was developed with the aim of addressing a gap in the provision of professional development for the OEU team  of part-time online educators.








Clinical exercise group

Using ABC to design a new Clinical Exercise Science MSc at Dublin City University (DCU)

The ABC workshop assisted in the development of the validation proposal for the new programme and will contribute even more substantially to accreditation if validation is successful.