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University Policies

A - Z of University Policies 

A policy can be defined as a statement of intent which can be used to guide decisions. A policy may stand on its own or be implemented through procedures, protocols or one of the other document categories shown beneath the 'Policies' category in the University's Hierachy of Documents (see the 'Policy Writing Guide' section in the menu to the left). 

While the A - Z list below is not exhaustive it does list the majority of the University's current policies. Those policies indicated as 'Staff Only' will require users to confirm their status as current University staff members prior to permitting viewing rights to the relevant policy.   

Caveat: Policies & Related Documentation - Please Note

The policies, protocols etc. listed below in the A-Z are not stand alone documents and are not intended to be understood or read in isolation. In many cases they are related to, and rely upon, procedures, forms, terms and conditions and other categories of documentation for their implementation and utility. When using this webpage to access a University policy, users should contact the 'Document Owner', as indicated for each policy on the A-Z list below, to obtain guidance on a particular policy's suite of related documentation.

Examples of University policies, in context with their related documentation, can be found on the Human Resources 'Policies and Procedures' webpage. The same caveat applies to the majority of policies listed below, regardless of  the Document Owner. 

Please note: If you require access to any Staff Only document please click here to log in first.

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Document Titlesort descending Document Owner
Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Policy Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Academic Titles Policy Human Resources
Accelerated Progression from Lecturer below bar to Lecturer above bar policy Human Resources
Additional Leave Policy for Admin, Technical & Support Staff Human Resources
Adjunct Faculty Policy Human Resources
Administrative Job Titles Policy Human Resources
Admissions Appeals Policy Registry
Adoption Leave Policy Human Resources
Allocation of On-Campus Accommodation for Students with Disabilities Disability Office
Annual Leave Policy Human Resources
Anti Fraud Policy Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Appointment Policy Human Resources
Assessment & Feedback in Teaching & Learning Policy Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Assessment and Examination Accommodations for Learners with Disabilities - Policy & Practice Disability Office
Asset Management Policy Information Systems & Services
Assistive Technology and Alternative Format Policy Disability Office
Campus Companies & Spin Out Companies - Policy (Staff Only) Invent
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy - DCU Sport DCU Sports
Child Protection at DCU - Policies and Procedures Equality Office
Children in Library Policy Library
Cloud Computing Policy Information Systems & Services
Coach Management Policy Student Support & Development
Collection Development Policy Library
Communications with Student's Parents and/or Guardians policy Disability Office
Compassionate Leave Policy Human Resources
Confidentiality & Disclosure Policy - SS&D Student Support & Development
Conflict of Interests Policy (Staff Only) Research Support Services
Connecting Electrical Equipment Policy Health & Safety Office
Consultancy Policy (Staff Only) Research Support Services
Credit Card Policy Finance Office
Data Classification Policy Information Systems & Services
Data Privacy Policy Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Data Retention Policy Office of the Chief Operations Officer
DCU Commercial Procurement Policy Finance Office
DCU Sport Child Admission Policy DCU Sports
Death of a staff member - Protocol Human Resources
Death of a student - Protocol Student Support & Development
Donations Policy Library
Elections to Dial Eireann - Staff Policy Human Resources
Emeritus Professorships Policy Human Resources
Energy Policy Estates Office
Equality & Access Policy Human Resources
Exam Leave Policy Human Resources
Extraordinary Leave Policy Human Resources
Faculty Structures Policy President's Office
Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge - Beartas Gaeilge Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge
Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge - Irish Language Policy Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge
Fire Safety Policy Health & Safety Office
Fitness to Study Policy for Students Student Support & Development
Fixed Assets Policy (Staff Only) Finance Office
Flexi Time Policy Human Resources
Force Majeure Leave Policy Human Resources
Framework Safety Statement - 2017 Health & Safety Office
Garda Vetting / Police Clearance Policy for Staff Human Resources
Garda Vetting / Police Clearance Policy for Students Registry
Harassment & Bullying Policy Equality Office
Head of School Appointment Policy Human Resources
Information & CommunicationsTechnology (ICT) Security Policy Information Systems & Services
Information Technology Policy for People with Disabilities Disability Office
Inoculation (Sharps) & Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Policy Faculty of Science & Health
Intellectual Property Policy Research Support Services
Internet Domain Naming Conventions Policy Information Systems & Services
Interview Expenses Policy Human Resources
Interview Process & Conduct of Interviews Policy Human Resources
Irish Language Scheme, Scéim Teanga - DCU (English Version) Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Irish Language Scheme, Scéim Teanga - DCU (Leagan Gaelige) Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Job Sharing Policy Human Resources
Joint Research Supervision and Awards in Collaboration with Other Institutions Policy Graduate Studies Office
Jury Service / Court Attendance Leave Policy Human Resources
Laser Safety Policy School of Physical Sciences
Learning & Development Policy - Staff Human Resources
Learning Support Policy Disability Office
Leave of Absence Policy Human Resources
Lone/Out of Hours Working Policy Health & Safety Office
Maternity Leave Policy Human Resources
Maternity Leave Policy for Research Staff Human Resources
Medical Reports Policy Human Resources
Mobile Computing Policy Information Systems & Services
Network Connectivity Policy Information Systems & Services
Note Taking Policy Disability Office
Notification of Outcome to Candidates Policy Human Resources
Overtime Policy Human Resources
Parental Leave Policy Human Resources
Password Policy Information Systems & Services
Paternity Leave Policy Human Resources
Periodic Programme Review Policy Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Personnel Files Access Policy Human Resources
Petty Cash Policy Finance Office
Policy on Policies Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Posts / Vacancy Approval Policy Human Resources
Procurement Policy Finance Office
Promotion Policy Human Resources
Protected Disclosures Policy (Whistleblowing Policy) Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Protective Clothing Policy Human Resources
Provision of Academic Tuition to Students Policy Disability Office
Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy Quality Promotions Office
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy - DCU Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Recognition of Prior learning, Policy for Research Programmes Graduate Studies Office
Recording of Lectures Policy Disability Office
Records Management Policy Freedom of Information Office
Recruitment Confidentiality Policy Human Resources
Recruitment Screening Policy Human Resources
References Policy Human Resources
Relocation Expenses Policy Human Resources
Remote Access Policy Information Systems & Services
Research Infrastructure Policy Research Support Services
Research Misconduct Policy (Staff Only) Research Support Services
Revocation of University Awards and Credits Policy Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Risk Management Policy Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Sabbatical Leave Policy Human Resources
Salary Increments Policy Human Resources
Selection Board Policy Human Resources
Selection Procedures Policy - Right to Amend Human Resources
Sexual Misconduct Policy - Students Student Support & Development
Shorter Working Year Scheme Human Resources
Sick Leave Policy Human Resources
Signing Authority Policy Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Signing Authority Policy - Appendix Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Social Media Policy Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Space Management & Allocation Policy Estates Office
Student Alcohol Policy Student Support & Development
Student Fees Protocols & Policies Finance Office
Student Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy Student Support & Development
Student Policy on Drug Misuse Student Support & Development
Study Leave Policy Human Resources
Support for Pregnant Students Policy Student Support & Development
Sustainability Policy Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Teaching & Research Assessment Policy Human Resources
Third Parties Contact Policy Office of the Chief Operations Officer
Timetabling & Room Booking Policy (Under Review) Registry
Timetabling Parameters - Summary Registry
Union Recognition & Membership Policy Human Resources
Union Representatives Policy Human Resources
Use of Animals for Scientific or Educational Purposes Policy Research Support Services
Vacancy Advertising Policy Human Resources
Vaccination Policy Health & Safety Office
Vehicular Access Policy Estates Office