DCU Voices Magazine- Alumni Awards

Alumni Awards

Celebrating exceptional ability and leadership

This year’s edition of DCU Voices celebrates the achievements of the 2021 and 2022 Alumni Award winners who received their awards at a special event in The Helix.

The DCU Alumni Awards honour alumni who, through their exceptional ability and leadership, have achieved excellence in their chosen fields of endeavour.

Their accomplishments across so many aspects of society are a source of great pride to DCU and an inspiration to present and future generations of students.

In celebrating the Awards, DCU President Prof Dáire Keogh said, “Universities choose their Mission Statements very carefully. At DCU we are dedicated to ‘Transforming Lives and Society’. Each year, the Alumni Awards provide us with an opportunity to honour our extraordinary graduates who have done that through their profession and passion. In honouring them, we renew the commitment to our great mission, and we celebrate our graduates as an inspiration to students, staff, and supporters.”

In 2021, we celebrated the contribution of our graduates in the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic. DCU alumni contributed greatly to the Covid-19 response in many ways. From community volunteers, educators, frontline workers, response in many ways. From community government representatives, news presenters and reporters, to researchers, scientists, technologists and many more, their unique skills were crucial in helping society cope with this once-in-a-lifetime challenge.


This diverse field of DCU graduates have excelled across health care, law enforcement, Gaelic games, the arts and financial services, and embody the values of DCU and its

mission to transform lives and societies.

“This year’s awardees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but all are mould breakers and changemakers, people who embody our values and exemplify the can-do approach that is very much a part of the DCU DNA,” said Prof Keogh.

“The Alumni Awards continue to hold a special place at the heart of DCU because we choose awardees who live the university mission and values in all that they do. We see this in the achievements of each awardee, who are an inspiration to their fellow graduates and our current students,” said Ross Munnelly, Director of Alumni Relations.