Research Collections: Donations

Lester letters

Diary 9 from Seán Lester Collection
[IE DCUA C1/9/]  

We acquire extensive holdings through donations, bequests and strategic cooperation, developing valuable collections of early and modern manuscripts, early printed books, rare monographs, periodicals and pamphlets, and archives of leading national and international figures and organisations.

Donations and acquisitions place substantial demands on our resources, and we have to manage the order in which we process and provide access to our collections. It is our policy to prioritise collections which complement our existing strengths and relate directly to the University’s research priorities. These include education, literature, media and journalism, politics, philosophy and theology.

Conditions of Acceptance
  • The Special Collections & Archives directorate may accept donations either by gift or by loan. Appraisal of the donation is required before consideration.
  • All donations require the depositor(s) to sign a Donation Agreement, which transfers all rights they may have in relation to the donation, including intellectual property right, to Dublin City University Library.
  • All donations will be considered in line with the collecting priorities of the Special Collections & Archives Collection Development Policy, 2021, particularly with regard to the research priorities of the University.
  • All donations are subject to the Directorate's ability to make the donated material available within a reasonable period of time.
  • All donations are subject to the availability of appropriate storage space.
We will generally not collect: 
  • Cuttings or clippings from or copies of periodicals or other publications.
  • Reproductions or duplicates of materials already held by Dublin City University or by other repositories.
  • Materials in formats which fall outside technical and preservation capacities.